About Us

“Great Product, Great Quality, Great Price”

For over 35 years, Spanky’s Candles has been dedicated to making the finest handcrafted candles money can buy! We usezinc core (not lead) wicks, the highest quality custom blended waxes, and the finest fragrance available ANYWHERE!

Since the debut of Spanky’s Candles we have focused on one main ingredient… the desire to make a product of only the finest ingredients, a stand out candle of integrity that is second to none. Our unique two pour 6% (double fragrance) and twin wick system assures a clean burning candle with a full melt pool which burns to the bottom. The perfect blend of fragrance, wax, and that flame of a wick that brings Spanky’s Candles to life.

Travel from Sandy Hook down the coastline to Cape May then to Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, MD, and beyond.

DISCOVER what Spanky has in store for you!

Whether a gift, souvenir, or just a treat for yourself Spanky offers the ultimate candle!

Spanky says “Remember those special moments?
​Kick back and light up the memories.”

Join the thousands who have experienced how special Spanky’s Candles really are. With old school pride and care, Spanky spent 100’s of hours perfecting his double wick, double scented, clean burning, no soot recipe.

Spanky and the gang invite you to travel with us and reminisce in the sights and scents of New Jersey & Beyond. Enjoy these fine candles handcrafted right here in New Jersey. 


-Spanky & The Gang

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